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Torrent Freight Inc
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Bonded Warehouse


Torrent Freight can offer secure storage at all its main hubs across North America, our customs bonded warehouse across North America is allowing us to bring in shipments directly from the port/rail ramp/cross boarder to our warehouse where our customers can complete their customs clearance and pick up their goods.

The benefits of using Torrent Freight’s warehouse is to handle your cargo include free storage up to five free days as opposed to 24hours in the Transit Shed operators warehouses, superior service with no queuing time involved, flexible and friendly staff available 7 days per week. We ensure your freight is stored in our secure warehouse.

In addition we can receive goods arriving by road under customs bond from the cross boarder and from rail ramp between U.S and Canada direct into our facility for customs clearance. Transshipment services are available for shipment routed through USA/Canada with an ultimate destination to the other country.